It is Time to Break the Mold in the Butler, Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township & Slippery Rock, PA areas

Take Back Your Home from Green Algae with help from Quick On The Trigger Power Washing

It's green, it's growing, and it is taking over your home. While the green algae on the side of your home may seem like an impossible task to manage, and one that gets worse by the day, Quick on the Trigger knows just how to tackle this natural invasion.

Whether you define it as Mildew, Mold or Algae, we know you just want it gone. Your vinyl siding can be restored to its original beauty with the cleaning power of Quick on the Trigger!

Is Green Algae Everywhere?

Algae can be found growing in shaded areas, dark spots or sides of the home, usually staying damp or wet. It can also be found in the sunniest spots that promotes growth through oxygenation! From plants to dirt, air flow to water, there are countless sources for this green menace.

While some fungus, algae and growth can be harmless, over time this eye sore can damage the siding substantially. It is time to act now to fight these green algae, and Quick on the Trigger is on your side. Call us today for cleaner siding and exterior of your home.