Don't Let Algae Take Over Your Roof

Arrange for roof washing services in the Butler, Cranberry Township, Pittsburgh or Slippery Rock, PA area

Your roof is made of asphalt shingles, metal, tile or another hard material. So how is plant life growing up there?

The simple answer is that there's dirt on your roof. Your roof receives sunlight and moisture, too. Roof washing can make your roof a less welcoming home to unwanted plant life, like algae or moss. Quick On The Trigger Power Washing LLC can clean your roof in the Cranberry Township, Pittsburgh, Slippery Rock or Butler, PA area.

Our pressure washing company soft washes roofs with:

  • Gentle cleaning solutions
  • Lightly pressurized water
  • Eco-friendly cleaning methods

You can trust us to remove all kinds of dirt and grime without harsh cleaning products or methods. Contact us today to find out more about our roof washing process.

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What can we remove from your roof?

Our pressure washing company can wash away algae, moss, pollen, rust, mold and mildew. We can also remove debris, such as twigs and leaves. If you need to wash something else off of your roof, ask our residential pressure washing crew about it right away. We'll gladly offer a free estimate.